Campaign for Fair Latino Representation
Advocating for the full inclusion of Latinos in New York City government 

The Facts
1. As of July 20. 2015, only 11.6 percent of de Blasio’s publicly-announced appointments have been of Latinos, despite Latinos making up 29 percent of the city’s population. The de Blasio Administration's claim that 14 percent of its appointments are Latino cannot be verified and, even if acurate, still represents an unacceptable level of underrepresentation.

2. Latinos are the most underrepresented group in de Blasio appointments, compared to Whites, Blacks and Asians.

3. In terms of the city government’s overall workforce, Latinos comprise only 20 percent while making up 27 percent of the city’s civilian labor force. 

4. The underutilization of Latinos in the city government workforce means that the Latino community, one of the poorest in the city, is foregoing an estimated more than $1.6 billion a year in city worker salaries (not including benefits)..

5. The city’s agencies responsible for assuring a diverse workforce are failing to fairly include Latinos. These EEO-focused agencies include the Citywide Equal Employment Opportunity Office in DCAS, the Equal Employment Practices Commission, the Human Rights Commission, the Civil Service Commission and the Mayor’s Office of Appointments.

6. Since its estalishment in ealy 2014, the Campaign has been calling for a meeting with Mayor de Blasio to discuss these concerns and develop solutions. To date, the Mayor has not responded to this request to meet.


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