Campaign for Fair Latino Representation
Advocating for the full inclusion of Latinos in New York City government 

Towards a 
Citywide Latino Policy Agenda for New York
There are over 2.5 million Latin@s in New York City, about 30% of all New Yorkers. This is the largest Hispanic population in any U.S. city. Despite these numbers, Latin@s are severely underrepresented in the leadership and workforce of the city’s public and private institutions. We believe the lack of a coherent and unified vision is one condition that prevents Latin@s from transforming numbers into power. The Camp[aign for Fair Latino Representation's Latino Policy Agenda Project is one vehicle for addressing this problem.

​The goal of the Campaign's initiative to develop a Citywide Progressive Latino Policy Agenda is to publish this agenda by February when Mayor de Blasio issues his Second State of the City Address. The Campaign plans to hold local community meetings throughout the city's Latino neighborhoods to inform this agenda and promote a citywide discussion of Latino issues that the de Blasio administration needs to address. These local meetings will culminate in a citywide summit in January or February where this agenda will be ratified.

Members of the Campaign's Coordinating Committee are organizing local Latino policy forums in all five boroughs in November and December and anyone interested in helping to develop one in their community should reach out to one of the following facilitators: 

                                                  or Dennis Flores at 
                                     or Antonio Rivera, Jr. at  
Local Latino Policy 
Agenda Forums

Contact: Andres Torres <>
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Brooklyn/Staten Island
Javier A. Nieves <>
Dennis Flores <>
Sunset Park
​Tuesday, December 29, 2015 
6pm - 9pm
Trinity Lutheran Church
411 46th Street 
Sunset Park, Brooklyn, NY 11220
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Staten Island (TBD)
Williamsburg (TBD)

Luis O. Reyes <>
Antonio Rivera, Jr. <>
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Lower East Side (TBD)
Washington Heights (TBD)

Contact: José R. Sánchez
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